The lovely pinto Sporthorse mare I purchased from Rotherford Farms arrived early morning. I gave her a good grooming and checked her over and then turned her out to settle in before going back to work. After I finished work for the day I saddled Ballet up and took her out for a light hack on the trails in the surrounding areas so we could get to know each other and just let her relax.  When we got back I took her into the arena to see what she could do, and much to my pleasure found that she already had a good foundation in Dressage and had a lot of talent in the area. Combine that talent with floaty gaits and a willing temperament and you have what will one day be a star.
After such a good warm up I decided to see what she could do over jumps, so took her over some cavaletti then over some basic low cross rails and verticals. She took to it well and had lots of scope even over those tiny jumps, so I moved her up to the more advanced ones and just just sailed right over them. If she has similar talent in jumping out in the fields I believe I may have found a wonderful Eventing mount.

When we were done for the day I took her back to the barn and gave he a thorough grooming then turned out out in the one of our private paddocks. She will eventually go out in the mare pasture, but the first day home is never the best day for social introductions with my bunch.

I am very pleased with this stunning girl, and she will be a great addition to our show line. I expect great things from her show career and look forward to being there.
On a side note, I would like to introduce  WBK Keyla, a beautiful Akita that we have recently purchased. She is gentle around the horses and our staff, but fierce when it comes to protecting the property at night as a local burglar found out her first night here. She can generally be found roaming around the property making sure things are as they should be, but since Ballet came home the two of them have been inseparable when out in the field.


02/19/2012 3:33am

You provide such a great home for our little Platinum :) Looking forward on seeing you on shows with her! Aaaand, there's something else we share too! Do you know that WBK Caipirinha and WBK Cinderella (Keyla's sisters) are both on our Estate? :D We applied first for Cinderella and Keyla but only got Cinderella, and then we heard that no one applied for Caipirinha so we did. As we wanted two dogs from that litter on our Estate, and we got them!

02/19/2012 4:18am

Aww Thanks i cant wait to Compete more with her too...thats sweet she was my favorite puppy i applied for only Keyla :D

02/19/2012 5:20am

Which one was your favourite?

02/19/2012 6:00am

Keyla was and alwyas has been my favorite. i saw her foto and Jumped at owning her :D

02/21/2012 2:21am

Keyla looks very happy. I hope you will have fun with her in the future.

02/21/2012 3:35am

Thankyou. im so happy.. shes a Stunning puppy and hella smart.. she grew up to be a Star :D thankyou again for allowing me the oppertunity to buy her <3


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