Currently because of the fuckup of hotmail i had to create a new hotmail so for all whole want to reach me it spanishlegacystables@hotmail.com

Also i got the Opportunity to add to my Lusitano lines 

 First up is WPE Yesterday's Girl (Chestnut ee/Aa) lusitano mare with a elegance around her, shes not broken in so i need to spend some time training her up, but i believe
she will produce to either show Stunningly or produce Beautiful foals.

Next up is WPE Riddle In The Rain (Bay EE/AA)
 she is a Stunning bay mare with alot of bling, she is also unbroken so 
i am going to get her broken in first but i believe she will do wonders on the show 
circuit before becoming a broodmare.

And then i got the opportunity to Purchase a Wonderful adorable little puppy called  WPE Ace Of Clubs "MOONSHINE" he is so adorable and i believe a Great addition to my farm.



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