I woke up this morning to my typical alarm of horses whinnying, nickering, kicking stalls and generally making a ruckus for their breakfast then later out in the pasture playing, the hands calling to each other while at their chores. All in all a very normal morning here at SLS, but as I got up to get my breakfast and looked out the window I noticed something different, it took me a moment to wake up enough to figure out what it was, but it was a little grey filly running around one of the pens. I tossed some clothes on and rushed outside to see what was going on because foals are not something that appear overnight generally.

I talked to one of the hands and he said she had been delivered a short time before and handed me her papers. I was rather shocked and had not expected that, and as I read over her papers I saw her name was Clever. I spent some time with her in the round pen letting her get used to me and getting to know her and starting early ground training. She took to it very well and before long was nuzzling up against me for a good scratch. Once she had settled I turned her out where we could keep an eye on her and went about my day.

Not long after lunch a trailer pulled into the drive to deliver a recently purchased Lusitano mare to add to my string, so I unloaded her and checked her over then turned her out alone for a bit to settle in. After an hour or so she was just happily grazing so I turned out my other two mares with her to let them get used to each other, which went very well with only a few minor issues from Sara, our resident drama queen.

I ended my eventful day in a meeting with the builders of our new expansion of a Breeding Center, which should be completed some time soon!

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