This show season has found us very busy here at SLS, as a number of horses have been entered in various competitions including Beginner and Advanced Dressage, Stallion Show, Western Pleasure, Halter and even a Three Day Event!

So far horses from SLS have competed in the Beginner Dressage and the Stallion Show and here are the results. In the Dressage Show there was a small mix up and Bas  just received a participation ribbon, but that's fine, just gives us more to practice for next time and give him valuable show experience. Evarado showing at the Stallion Competition was much different and we brought home third place! Everyone here at SLS is very proud of him right now, and don't tell the others but he really is my favorite, just so striking!

Now we are just waiting patiently, or not, for the Arabian Halter, Western Pleasure and Three Day Event show days! Wish us luck!

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