Time here at SLS has been in short supply lately with our facility expansions and ever expanding Lusitano herd, that some of our horses here weren't getting as much time from us they deserve. After speaking with Melissa, a good friend of mine and owner of Masters Thoroughbreds, I decided to send her two of my Thoroughbreds on an extended lease for training and showing. She has the time, experience and staff to help them both reach their full potential.

The two horses I am sending her are SLS Stormy Windsong and SLS Lady Marguerite, though I am sending them for very different reasons. Dyson came to me from a track auction with a rough past and very little in the way of manners. He is stubborn, pushy and can be down right aggressive at times. He needs someone experienced with horses of his background and issues with the time to take him back to basics and start over. Lady on the other hand, is as gentle as they come with great manners and plenty of talent. She needs her training finished and the change to reach the great future ahead of her. Both horses will be in good hands with the staff at MT and I have ever confidence that they will take good care of both my babies.


02/25/2012 11:56am

Oh, I guess I'll be following their progress with Master Thoroughbreds soon! :D


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