Today we had our last two 2nd generation foals born here at SLS and they turned out to be a very striking pair, both nearly mirror images of their sires.

First up is SLS Eutimio Legado, a striking smokey buckskin colt out of Carisa, sired by Evarado. He takes a lot after his father in coat and attitude, but also has his mothers stamina and elegance. We think he will be a great show prospect given his attitude and parents.
Our second colt is SLS Benito Legado, a dark bay colt out of Sarita, sired by Basilio. This colt is is full of speed, attitude and elegance, and will do well in just about any discipline. He takes his color and mind from his sire, but his stomach could only be from his dam, and he is already using that mind to figure out new ways to get into his dam's food.

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