_Wednesday arrived and saw me rushing around the farm getting everything prepped, cleaned and set for the big day. As today was the day my lovely stallion Basilio would arrive. He has been away showing from my friends stable and while there he received his Junior Jumpers title and a lot of experience. Now that the renovations on my new property were finished, I knew it was time for him to come home.

Once he arrived I gave him a good bath and grooming, then turned him out into the pasture to let him settle in. After several hours he had settled in nicely and was happily munching away, so I decided it was time for a ride. I went to get his new saddle and when I came back out of the tack room he saw me and came galloping towards the fence. He apparently knows what saddles mean and for him to have such an excited reaction to it says a lot for his training and handling so far.

I brought him to the tie area and tacked him up then took him for a nice ride in the arena. He is a joy to ride with comfortable gaits and an obedient nature. It's such a joy to have him home and I am so proud of him!


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