recently at SLS theres been some new horses coming in, foals sold, new horses baught ( yea i know that addiction of mine ) :D lol, lots of Pages updates, ooo and my Handsom first ever sold foal SLS Uprising star has returned home and im so happy. so with further ado below will be some random fotos of my Sexy beasts Clicky the Read More -----> :D right there.

After a long wait from all the show results have come back and it has been a great season so far.

In the Swedish Mountain Western Pleasure Show, my two lovely stallions SLS Basilio Legado and SLS Evarado Legado tied for 3rd overall.
Next was the Runzo Farms Three Day Event which turned out to be a fantastic show and a lot of fun as well. SLS Basilio Legado did amazingly well in his first Three Day Event, placing 1st in Dressage and 5th in Cross Country with an Honorable Mention in Show Jumping.