I woke up this morning to my typical alarm of horses whinnying, nickering, kicking stalls and generally making a ruckus for their breakfast then later out in the pasture playing, the hands calling to each other while at their chores. All in all a very normal morning here at SLS, but as I got up to get my breakfast and looked out the window I noticed something different, it took me a moment to wake up enough to figure out what it was, but it was a little grey filly running around one of the pens. I tossed some clothes on and rushed outside to see what was going on because foals are not something that appear overnight generally.

I talked to one of the hands and he said she had been delivered a short time before and handed me her papers. I was rather shocked and had not expected that, and as I read over her papers I saw her name was Clever. I spent some time with her in the round pen letting her get used to me and getting to know her and starting early ground training. She took to it very well and before long was nuzzling up against me for a good scratch. Once she had settled I turned her out where we could keep an eye on her and went about my day.

Not long after lunch a trailer pulled into the drive to deliver a recently purchased Lusitano mare to add to my string, so I unloaded her and checked her over then turned her out alone for a bit to settle in. After an hour or so she was just happily grazing so I turned out my other two mares with her to let them get used to each other, which went very well with only a few minor issues from Sara, our resident drama queen.

I ended my eventful day in a meeting with the builders of our new expansion of a Breeding Center, which should be completed some time soon!
As the day started here at SLS, I woke up to find Mr. Rado had broken into the feed room from jumping over his pasture fence and was merrily munching away on anything he could reach. After checking things out and finding it was just the hay he had gotten into, I put him back in his stall with a small bit of grain and started my daily chores.

I was cleaning stalls when I heard a truck pull into the drive. I looked out and saw it was pulling a trailer, and that it was the same trailer that delivered the boys yesterday. So I hurried out there to see what was going on, all the time having things going through my head about something being wrong. What I found however was quite the opposite. A familiar gentleman stepped out of the truck with a slight grin on his face and handed me an envelope with my name on it then went back towards the trailer. With my heart pounding in my chest I opened it carefully and inside was a letter from Melissa, my friend from Masters who found Bas and Rado for me.

It read: "Hey Lexi, I found something for you at a dispersal sale in Sunset Valley. I knew your two boys might be lonely. Go open the trailer." I shook my head with a grin then went to the back of the trailer just as the gentleman opened the doors. The sight that greeted me nearly made me cry. Inside the trailer were two of the most beautiful Lusitano mares I had ever seen. The gentleman came up with a smile and handed me their papers and I read them eagerly, the mares were Sara, a striking dark grey dapple and Reya, a fiery chestnut.  I eagerly started unloading them and was pleased when they waited patiently for their turn, then backed out with practiced ease.

After I got them out and put them in a pasture to settle in, I thanked the gentleman with a shaky smile and he tipped his hat and left with a smile of his own, apparently loving his part in the surprise. I went about my chores while keeping a close eye on my new mares and noticed they were settling in fine and that both of my stallions had taken quick notice of them and were already flirting from afar. Later when things were done I got the chance to ride them both and I have to say I was beyond pleased. Sara turned out to be a wonderful jumper with lots of scope and plenty of attitude that will take her far. Reya was very easy to handle with lovely gaits and expressive movements that will make her a star in Dressage. The  ride was so easy, that after I was done I did something a bit out of the ordinary and jumped on her bareback. She didn't even flick an ear and is so well trained she did everything asked just from the feel of my body and I nearly cried at how wonderful it was.

I am so proud of my new mares and they will make lovely editions to the Spanish Legacy Stable Lusitano line.
_Wednesday arrived and saw me rushing around the farm getting everything prepped, cleaned and set for the big day. As today was the day my lovely stallion Basilio would arrive. He has been away showing from my friends stable and while there he received his Junior Jumpers title and a lot of experience. Now that the renovations on my new property were finished, I knew it was time for him to come home.

Once he arrived I gave him a good bath and grooming, then turned him out into the pasture to let him settle in. After several hours he had settled in nicely and was happily munching away, so I decided it was time for a ride. I went to get his new saddle and when I came back out of the tack room he saw me and came galloping towards the fence. He apparently knows what saddles mean and for him to have such an excited reaction to it says a lot for his training and handling so far.

I brought him to the tie area and tacked him up then took him for a nice ride in the arena. He is a joy to ride with comfortable gaits and an obedient nature. It's such a joy to have him home and I am so proud of him!
As you walk through  Appaloosa Plains. you come across Something Big and Unique. Something That looks like it doesnt fit in with the rest of the Town..something that looks as if Royalty Lives there.However. you have come Across Spanish Legacy Stables. a Stable that Houses Some of the Finest Lusitanos. and Andalusians. all Imports from  High class studs.  Run by Lexi house she Manages and Trains and Runs SLS.. ( i am looking for a BIG dog to help Keep them horrids out, and hey Every big stud needs a Big Guard dog)

 Welcome each and Everyone of you to my New Page.. Spanish Legacy Stables. Home to the Finiest Lusitanos, and Andalusians